My first chemical peel

Here's the 411 , the details on my first TCA chemical peel and why I’m so happy about it! I’m So excited I had to write about it and share the details with U! 

What’s it’s called : TCA chemical peel 

How much it costs : $175 for an individual peel and $525 for a package of 4 peels (buy 3 get 1 free)

Where to get it in the LA area: contact Mersedeh +1 424-777-5297 Insta: @mersedeh_. She’s in the Beverly Hills/ century city area . She was extremely knowledgable and helpful through the entire process . She texted me throughout the process and called me on the last day with instructions on how to get the last of my dead skin off. 

The details: I got the chemical peel on Monday the 21 right before Christmas ! She applied the peel 4 different times and each time the tingling felt a little different . The first time it “stung” and tingled the most. I would say the pain was very tolerable . Just felt like a burn or itch that you couldn’t wait to scratch. The actual chemical peel process lasted about 20 minutes . Mercedeh sent me home with an at home kit by PCS skin. There was directions for the morning and night.  That included facial wash, CliniCalm1% (hydrocortisone) and ReBalance to help inhibit redness and inflammation and spf 30. 

The next day on Tuesday there was a little redness and tenderness but I was able to wear makeup. By Wednesday the 3rd day of my peel I looked like I was shedding like a reptile. The peeling started around my mouth and by the 4day there was a lot of peeling. During this time I was applying the products she gave for me to use. This is crucial to the peeling process because keeping the skin mousturized helps a lot! By Sunday there was little to no peeling mostly around the perimeters of my face like my forehead. 

This was an amazing beauty find and I would recommend it to anyone looking to revamp their skin. I noticed tighter skin, smaller pores, and glowy /brightness in my skin. Make sure you have the time to do this because the peeling is intense and very noticeable . Protect your skin always with spf 30 or higher especially after this peel! 

Have a great day and as I always say , keep it healthy and sexy!

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January 14, 2016

Thanks for Sharing! Looking forward to more about your fitness and beauty regime. Could you do a post about your skincare morning and night routine. What brands you use. Thanks so much!!!

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