Simple tip to maintain a healthy lifestyle: Keep a Food Journal

Writing down what you eat is one of the most effective ways to keep track of how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis. Whether you are keeping track to lose weight or to maintain a healthier diet, a food journal will definitely help you reach your goal.

Here are a few reasons that keeping a food journal is beneficial to me:

  • It shows me a record of exactly what I have eaten
  • It’s a reminder about what I should and shouldn’t be eating
  • It helps me plan my meals
  • It keeps me on track by helping me look at food in a whole new way.

Starting a food journal is really simple. Start slowly by writing down what you eat and drink on three weekdays and one weekend day. It’s important that you record what you eat and drink immediately after consumption so that you don’t forget. I recommend that you use your phone to take notes … most smart phones have apps that allow you to write notes. Besides recording what you consumed, also record: the amount you consumed, what you were doing while you were eating/drinking, how you felt while you ate, and how hungry you were before you started eating. This will allow you to start seeing patterns in your eating habits. Then at the end of each day, record what and how much exercise you did!

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